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Building costs can be very different depending on your plans and specifications. We provide a fixed priced contract for you and we guarantee you there is no hidden surprises.
Yes. We will provide you a quote once you are happy with your plan and specification.
For a standard designed house, it generally takes 24 weeks to 30 weeks from signing Building Contract to Practical completion of your home. Please see detailed time frames from our Build Process.
We precisely plan your project to meet time-frames. We organize our timeframe with all the sub trades (plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, painters, plasterers, tilers etc). We inspect / monitor every step of the building process and make it as stress-free as possible for you.Build Process.
Yes we will submit your plans to council and apply for consent, answering all RFI’s (requests for Information) and ensure the application runs as smoothly as possibly from our end, once approved we will uplift the consent to begin construction.
You can visit our Show Homes. You can also view photos of our completed projects in our Gallery.
Yes. We provide an impressive range of plans for you to choose from. Our plan range is flexible and any plan can be altered to suit your individual needs and site requirement. Please see in Standard Plans for more details.
Yes. You can choose from our three sets of specifications. We can modify and personalise the inclusions of these specifications for your dream home

We have two payment options: Progress payment and Turn-key:

1. Staged payments:

1 Deposit 5%
2 Commencement of Site Work 5%
3 Substantial Completion of Foundation 15%
4 Substantial Completion of Roof 25%
5 Substantial Completion of Cladding 25%
6 Substantial Completion of Painting 20%
7 Practical Completion 5%
“Substantial Completion” means when the Works or a stage of the Works is 95% complete.


2. Turn-key:

If you choose from one of our House and Land packages, you only have to pay a 10% deposit at the point of signing the contract and pay the balance at practical completion.

Yes. We offer a comprehensive 2-year maintenance warranty and a 10-year Master Build Guarantee.
A Building Consent is issued by City Council as a formal approval to undertake building work in accordance with approved plans and specifications. Prior to build, we will apply a building consent for your house. City Council usually takes up to 20 working days to issue a Building Consent.
A Code Compliance Certificate is issued by City Council, confirming that the council is satisfied that the building work undertaken complies with the approved building consent. Prior to handing the home over to you, we will apply a Code Compliance Certificate for your house. City Council usually takes 20 working days to issue a Code Compliance Certificate.

A Provisional Sum is an agreed estimated amount included in your Building Contract. Provisional Sums are usually provided for specific items that are not selected until a later stage.

Typically, builders provide Provisional Sums for: city council fees, design fees, foundation/structural engineering service, soil test, appliances, joineries, carpet and tiles. If the Provisional Sum item varies, so will the final contract sum. If you are looking for an accurate quote, a builder provides less Provisional Sum items is a better choice as it will prevent you from unexpected overruns.

At Yellow River Construction, we only provide Provisional Sums for kitchen, laundry and wardrobe joineries (any other items?).

Master Build is the oldest and largest provider of guarantees in New Zealand. Only a Registered Master Builder can offer Master Build Guarantees to you. Master Build Guarantee provides cover for Loss of Deposit, Non-Completion, Defects in Materials, Defects in Workmanship, Structural Defects, and Rot and Fungal Decay Cover (leaky building). (Cover will depend on the product and choices you select?)